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WirelessHART Overview

As the need for additional process measurements increases, users seek a simple, reliable, secure and cost-effective method to deliver new measurement values to control systems without the need to run more wires. With process improvements, plant expansions, regulatory requirements and safety levels demands for additional measurements, users are looking to wireless technology for that solution.

With approximately 30 million HART devices installed and in service worldwide, HART technology is the most widely used field communication protocol for intelligent process instrumentation. With the additional capability of wireless communication, the legacy of benefits this powerful technology provides continues to deliver the operational insight users need to remain competitive.

Backed by the Power of HART

Flexible Applications Supports All Phases of the Plant Life Cycle

Simple. Reliable. Secure.

Even though millions of HART devices are installed worldwide, in most cases the valuable information they can provide is stranded in the devices. An estimated 85% of all installed HART devices are not being accessed to deliver device diagnostics information with only the Process Variable data communicated via the 4-20mA analog signal. This is often due to the cost and the difficulty of accessing the HART information.

WirelessHART technology allows users to access the vast amount of unused information stranded in these installed HART smart devices—85% of the installed HART devices. It also provides a simple, reliable and secure way to deploy new points of measurement and control without the wiring costs.


WirelessHART is a robust technology that is simple to implement. It enables users to quickly and easily gain the benefits of wireless technology while maintaining compatibility with existing HART devices, tools and systems.

Easy Installation and Commissioning

Automatic Network Features


Industrial facilities with dense infrastructures, frequent movement of large equipment, changing conditions, or numerous sources of radio-frequency and electromagnetic interference may have communication challenges. WirelessHART includes several features to provide built-in 99.9% end-to-end reliability in all industrial environments.

Standard Radio with Channel Hopping

Coexistence with Other Wireless Networks

Self-Healing Network


WirelessHART employs robust security measures to protect the network and secure the data at all times. These measures include the latest security techniques to provide the highest levels of protection available.

Protects Valuable Information

Protects Wireless Network